21. apríl 2021

Interactive chase around Reykjavík now online

A new, interactive marketing campaign for UNICEF Iceland launched today

A new, interactive marketing campaign launched today where the player dictates decisions in an exciting chase around the streets of Reykjavík. The campaign is called Veldu núna and stars the actors Aníta Briem and Snorri Engilbertsson. You can also see Kristbjörg Kjeld, Oddur Júlíusson and the actors from Kardimommubærinn along with glimpses of other known faces.

This is an interactive experience where Aníta and Snorri need the viewer‘s assistance to escape the bad guys.The player chooses their escape route through voice control or clicks in a smartphone. What exactly happens in the story and what the characters do next is entirely at the discretion of each player The campaign is unique, without parallel in Iceland so it is safe to say that that history is being made in digital marketing and technological innovation. You can play the game in Icelandic, English and Polish.

The project was developed for UNICEF Iceland by the production company Tjarnargatan, the advertisement and PR room Ampere and the webdeveloper Jökulá. Programming was done by Hreinn Beck and music compisition by Kjartan Hólm.The script was written by Ævar Þór Benediktsson, national goodwill ambassador for UNICEF Iceland, and Arnór Pálmi Arnarsson, who also directed the filming. Everyone who participated in the project gave generous discounts of their work.

Vodaone is the main sponsor of the marketing campaign by paying for publications and marketing.

It is an easy choice to become a UNICEF Global Parent

Every day we make numerous decisions of varying importance. Many of them have no impact on our lives or that of others, like the decisions that the viewer makes in the game. The last decision pepople make in the game matters, however, in the real world, namely the decision to become a Global Parent and help UNICEF, the United Nations‘ Childrens Fund, to fight for children‘s rights all over the world.

Iceland has over 26 thousand Global Parents who support the work of UNICEF every month through donations, thereby enabling UNICEF to help children in different situations, respond rapidly whenever need arises and to fight for children‘s rights wherever they need it most.

Through the campaign Veldu núna UNICEF in Iceland offers more people to choose to join this group of idealists and also highlight how Global Parents and UNICEF fight together for a better world for all children every day of the year. This is a decision that really matters and should be an easy choice.

Help Aníta and Snorri flee from the bad guys here.

You can sign up as a Global Parent here.


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